Nick & Ashley | Engaged

Nick here is my wonderful brother or as I call him, Bubba. Ashley is his beautiful bride to be. I was so stoked to go to this location that perfectly fit them and take some awesome engagement pictures for them. They were so fun and we had a great time. I'm so excited for their Colorado wedding in July! #AdmiredinBreck

Hear about Nick's proposal to Ashley: In true fashion, Ashley and Nick just decided to get married - no proposal, no ring, just a dream and some thoughtful planning! Ashley was adamant that she didn't 'need' a ring and that there was no need to spend the money. Nick had other, on November 25th at the very place they will say I DO (The Lodge at Breckenridge, in Breckenridge, Colorado), Nick surprised Ashley with a proposal and the most gorgeous ring, making it officially official!! To say that Ashley was surprised is an understatement, she could barely speak, let alone cry...this is not the Ashley everyone knows and loves :) It was so sweet and thoughtful and, while Ashley still maintains that she doesn't 'need' a ring, she is over the moon! This is just another example of the love and devotion they have for each other!