2017 | Year in Review | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Hi friends!

So this is going to be a bit more of a "my photography journey" blog post. I started out last night trying to get all my numbers for the year together. Of course, if you know me, I got distracted. I wanted to see my previous years as well so I could compare how this year went. Let me tell you - it was a busy year. I knew that because of my lack of sleep and constant editing schedule but I did not realize just how busy I actually was. So let's take a look...

For those of you that do not know, I really have been doing photography as long as I can remember. I started with a film camera taking pictures of the most random things. In high school, I was taking other kids senior pictures so I thought I already had this thing figured out. I was just doing a few random sessions here and there, but nothing too crazy. I graduated high school in 2010 and went to college where I kind of quit taking pictures. In 2013, I got my first professional camera (Canon 5D Mark II) on my 21st birthday from my incredible parents. I was ready for the big time. That year I spent time learning the ins and outs of my camera but not really doing any major sessions. 

On December 19, 2014 - I started my photography Facebook page. I was ready to do this. That year I did maybe 5 sessions and did not even think about becoming a wedding photographer. 

In 2015, I did about 15 sessions and had the experience of shooting my first solo wedding for one of my greatest friends. 

In 2016, I did maybe 25 sessions and shot my second wedding (vow renewal) for another awesome friend. 

Which brings us to 2017....

On April 22, 2017 - I married my best friend. So I did 1 session in January and did not do any more until the end of May. From May to the end of the year, this is what my photography journey looked like.


So that's that.

In a time span of 8 months, I tripled my amount of sessions from the year before. I became more confident in my style and in myself. For the longest time I considered myself an "everything but" photographer. So I did everything but weddings. Now I consider myself an everything photographer. I can confidently take on weddings and any other session thrown my way. I am so ridiculously stoked for 2018.

I can not thank all of clients from the past year and beyond enough. You guys are the reason I do what I do. Thank you for keeping my passion alive and for believing in me. 

Let's do this, 2018!