Braydie | The Power of Words

Braydie is an awesome model here in the Kansas City area and we started talking about different shoot ideas. She came up with this idea because she had been feeling especially down on herself. I told her I loved the idea because I know I talk negatively on myself every day. 

This day in age we are ran by social media. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and rarely feeling good about what we are doing in our own lives. I get it. I do it, too. I constantly compare my work to other photographers and my body to other girls I see. 

Comparison is often the thief of our joy. 

With this shoot we wanted to capture that real raw feeling. We're here to tell you that how many followers you have doesn't matter. What people say about you doesn't matter. But how you feel about yourself? That matters. Love yourself. Fully. Unconditionally. Every damn day.