Bri | Kansas City Blogger Milk Bath Session

Bri and I connected over Instagram over a past milk bath shoot that I did. She runs an awesome blog all about navigating life in Kansas City. It has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read because she's real and talks about all things Kansas City that you really want to know about.

In her about section she states: "My goal is to empower my readers to be their own KC Queen! Whether that is with fashion, navigating the restaurant scene, or just being able to answer the big question "What should I do this weekend?". I want to help you make this city yours." 

When you start out a shoot with someone you've never met before, you never know how things are going to go. Bri and I clicked instantly! She is one of those people who is just a good person to their core and you wanna hear what she has to say.

Follow along her blogging journey - she's definitely one you want to watch:

And here are some of my favorites from her milk bath session --