Addison & Cody | Pittsburg Engagement

It is just one month till these two get married so to celebrate - read a little blog post about their engagement session.

I first met Addison when she came in through recruitment to join the sorority I was in. I instantly liked her and could tell just how great of a girl she was. When she reached out to me about shooting their wedding - I was so excited! We met and chatted through everything and it just seemed like the perfect fit. I had met her beau here and there at different events and such but never really got to spend any time together. At the time, I was doing some sunflower mini sessions and she reached out about wanting a first engagement session of the two of them in the sunflowers and then doing their additional pictures in Pittsburg, Kansas where they both went to college. It was perfect. I knew when I saw them together that they were meant to be together. They just naturally made each other laugh and knew exactly what to say to make each other smile. It was a great time and I can’t wait for their wedding day next month! Here about their love story here:

They were both freshmen at Pittsburg State University. At the time, Addison’s best friend Darby was dating Cody’s friend from high school. Cody, Darby, and her boyfriend decided to go bowling and jokingly told Darby to bring a “hot friend.” Darby, of course, told Addison she had to go bowling with them that night! Addison was not very good at bowling and Cody gave her high fives and cheered her on as she continued to roll gutter balls. When they left the bowling alley, Darby made them stand outside until midnight to celebrate her birthday. Ever since then Cody and Addison have been inseparable. A few years later, Addison had moved to Kansas City for school and had been gone for a week. The first weekend was Cody’s sister, Kayla’s, wedding so Addison had came back to town. When it came time for Kayla to toss the bouquet, Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies” was playing in the background. Kayla turned around and began walking straight towards Addison with the bouquet straight out in her hands. The song then changed to Bruno Mars’s song “Marry you.” Kayla handed Addison the bouquet and turned her around to where Cody was right behind her and down on one knee. He asked her to marry him and of course she said yes!

Check out a few of my favorites images from both of their engagement sessions: