Haley & Derek | Shawnee Mission Park Engagement

This beautiful couple gets married a month from TODAY! Woo woo! Haley and Derek are one of the sweetest couples around. When they said they were going to bring their doggo - I got so excited! If you know me - you know I love dogs! It was so fun exploring Shawnee Mission Park and talking about their big day. I can’t wait to see these two for their wedding day!

Hear from Haley how the two of them met:

Derek and I met when we were 15 and 16. We went to two different high schools. I had a “thing” with one of his friends. However, when you’re 15 nothing is really that serious so we only hung out in groups. When we first met, it was at a little ice cream shop called “Cherry on Top”. I was trying to set Derek up with one of my friends that way we could double date (I was still talking to his friend). When I first met Derek I thought he was so cute and polite! Well long story short, his friend “ghosted” me and Derek and my friend didn’t work out because he told her he “wasn’t looking for anything serious” (haha to that!). A few weeks later I made a Facebook status with a joke. Derek, this cute guy I had only met once, commented on my status saying “gross”. I was SO embarrassed, however, a few days later he Facebook messaged me and asked for my number, and almost eight years later we are getting married! 

I’m a sucker for a high school sweetheart story. Here’s how Derek proposed to Haley:

Derek proposed on Thursday, March 29th 2018. It was a super gloomy rainy day and Derek texted me at work saying that we were going on a date that night, his treat. I happened to have an awful cold though and really didn't want to go out anywhere. Derek was dead set on going to the Blue Moose. Throughout the dinner he was acting so odd and barely ate. I was so worried that something was wrong! When we were leaving Derek said that he wanted to take a picture with me because we hadn’t taken one in a long time. I of course fought this very hard since I had a cold and did not look my cutest. Derek still went over to the next table and asked if they would take our picture. Before I knew it he was down on one knee and had a ring! I was in absolute shock and had no idea. The whole restaurant cheered and it was a really sweet moment. Later I found out that his original plan was to take me outside to the ice cream shop where we first met, which is now closed. Unfortunately because of the rain, Derek decided to just do it in the restaurant, Blue Moose was right next to the ice cream shop where we met. This totally explained why he was acting so weird and kept asking if it was still raining! I asked Derek why he chose to do it on a random Thursday night and he said once he got the ring he just couldn’t wait any longer!

As you can see, these two are adorable. They truly are made for each other. Check out some of my favorites from their engagement session: