My name is Kelsey Corene Kenny and I'm your photographer. Now I know, you're wondering why the company is named Kelsey Admire Photography then. It was my name before I got married and I decided to keep it as a way to hold onto that name. Because I mean, come on - that's a cool last name, right? Plus, I've been operating under Kelsey Admire Photography for over six years now so it was easier not to confuse everyone.

So as you can see - I've been doing this thing for awhile. I got my first film camera when I was only about 8 or so and then starting taking senior pictures while I was still in high school. I took breaks on and off when I went to Pittsburg State University and graduated in 2015 with my Bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing. It's a mouth full, I know. Now I'm back on the horse and doing this thing as often as I can. For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about photography. I love chasing the light, creating unique moments, and seeing your face when you look at your pictures and you are completely over the moon. This is my passion and I'm working for it every single day. 

I love traveling. You know that feeling when you go experience a new culture and you are completely out of your comfort zone? To me, that is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I love meeting new people and filling my life with experiences rather than things. I'm a sucker for some Taco Bell and documentary films.

When I'm not taking pictures I spend time with my awesome husband/assistant, Nathaniel. If you've already had a session with me, he has most likely been there. He's a pro at working the shade, switching out lens, and making goofy faces at kids to make them laugh. He has been my rock and my greatest cheerleader. We have a cat named Scooter and a dog named Leia who are our fur-babies. We love paddle boarding, sailing, hanging out with our friends, and going to concerts. 

Picture by: Bulger Creative Co.


It is my goal to give you the best photography experience you could ever imagine. I believe in capturing your true selves. I want to document what makes you, you. Those moments that you feel like you are a part of when you look at the pictures - that is what I am all about. I also believe in getting just a few of you actually looking at the camera with a smile because that's what grandmas love; and grandmas are the best. I want to jump and down with excitement on your big day.  I want to hear the real story of how you fell in love and why you continue to fall in love with your partner every single day. I want to be an extra set of helping hands guiding your way as your plan your big day. I believe in love and can't wait to be even a small part of your big love story. I can't wait to see what magic we can create together!